Producing An Audio Visual Sequence
There is an excellent article on the IAC website written by Ron Davies in which he describes how he goes about Producing An Audio Visual Sequence.
Keith Scott also produced a set of notes based on his lecture at The Leeds AV Group depicting how to set about Producing An AV Sequence

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Recording A Voice-Over
These notes were made following a session when Bryan Stubbs and Eddie Spence demonstrated voice-over techniques and the use of Cool Edit Pro to produce audio tracks for inclusion in PTE Audio-Visual sequences. A tutorial disc is also available demonstrating the features of Cool Edit Pro explained during the evening.

Audacity is a free sound editing program which is extremely useful when producing voice-overs for audio visual sequences. It can be downloaded from the links page. Below are links to online tutorials which you may find helpful.

Audacity Set-Up
Audacity Tools
Audacity Trim
Audacity Levels
Audacity Import
Saving and Exporting as Mp3

The tutorials are intended to follow on from each other so don't be suprised if they appear to stop in mid-air. Just click on the next one in the list.

You may also find this link extremely useful

Audacity - How To

Peter Appleton has also written a very useful document on this subject which is also very helpful for those enbarking on making a voice-over using this free software.

Creating A DVD

For those wanting to create a DVD from PictureToExe, DaveGee from the wnSoft Forum has prduced a document on how to do this. Click here to download, by kind permission of DaveGee. Help can also be found on the"Online Help" file which you can access from either the Forum or from the Help Button in PicturesToExe Software.

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